WorkforceGrowth is equipped with latest and tested security implementations that guarantee the sanctity of private data and records of our clients.

Secured Data Transfer

SSL Certificate

All traffic on WorkforceGrowth is encrypted using VeriSign 256-bit SSL certificate and it’s a VeriSign Trust approved.

Application Security

Session Expiration

As soon as a user is authenticated, process of session creation starts. The session expires after 30 minutes of inactivity. The data saved in session is used across all parts of application. The session provides the customized user’s environment in terms of features including reviews, reports and profile.

Data and Input Validation and Injection Protection

The system has been tested and verified against all the known exploits of SQL/Java Injections to ensure the data integrity. Data validation has been ensured so that wrong format of data is avoided from being submitted.

Cross Site Scripting and Buffer Overflow

The system is checked and verified to avoid exploits like cross site scripting and buffer overflow.


Our system is designed for non-repudiation depending on the user that s/he doesn’t share her/his password with anyone.


Input of wrong username or password will alert the system and it will be locked-out after a fixed number of incorrect inputs.

Access Control

WorkforceGrowth is a role-based product and every user is assigned to a particular role created for her/him by the system administrator from her/his company. A user from one group cannot access any data which is not classified for that group nor can s/he exercise any action not delegated to that group.

Data Security

Encryption of Important Data

Sensitive data like passwords are stored in encrypted form using SHA1 encryption technique. On application level, thoroughly tested and verified customized ways are used to provide confidentiality and integrity of data in objects like forms and URLs.

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery

In case of a disaster, we restore the code of the application from the VCS-maintained SVN repositories that are located at various online locations. We restore our database in its complete actuality by restoring it from the secure FTP locations where it was backed up in a periodic manner during our backup procedures.

Backup Procedures

Our backup procedures are separate for code and database. Code is backed-up in SVN repositories through version control system (VCS) and is stored at various online locations. Database backup takes place with scheduled backup routines carried out on daily basis. Some routines create a full backup and others create incremental backups.

Data Center Security

Data Center Compliance and Security

WorkforceGrowth uses DataPipe dedicated servers that are hosted in its data center. DataPipe's top tier data centers are custom built facilities designed to give the highest degree of protection and power to the information technology resources. DataPipe uses firewalls and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. The data center is SSAE 16 Compliant.

The data center provides hardware-based firewall solution and it is equipped with latest antivirus, anti-spam and anti-spyware technologies.

Constant Monitoring

Our system is constantly being monitored to keep a check on any activity taking place out of ordinary. We use monitoring scripts that run at the background of the system to keep the situation in check. These scripts are responsible of restarting any service if it gets shut down. We also perform overall server performance monitoring through Network Monitoring Service (NMS). Along with that we perform port monitoring through which we check the normalcy of traffic at our system’s ports.

The implementation of such security features have surely contributed towards WorkforceGrowth achieving the up-time percentage of 99.99%. This is the reason that as far as the employee management of your organization is concerned, you can safely choose WorkforceGrowth as the best pick for your operations.

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