Collaborative Goals

Achieve More Goals Through Collaboration

We make it super easy to collaborate and foster a discussion between managers and their teams to work together in order to achieve their goals. Our simple but powerful user interface gives you a better insight into your goals' progress.

Collaboration in Goals
Management of Goals through Interactive Interface

Better Management of your Goals

You can easily manage all your assigned goals through highly enhanced and interactive interface. In addition, our tools make it easier for you to focus more on your pending goals. You can also sort your goals on the basis of priority and each goal can have its rating according to your preferences.

Peer Feedback

Goals cannot be achieved in isolation, that is why we have created a unique tool where managers can ask peers to give feedback on assigned goals.

Feedback on Goals
Upload documents while assigning goals

Upload Documents While Assigning Goals

You can facilitate your employees to upload additional information like an image, some high-volume text document or a graph to your goals that would help employees gain better understanding of their goals and facilitate them in achieving those goals. You can upload txt, word, ppt., excel, csv, jpg, png, gif, and PDF files to your goals section.

Goal Analysis

Managers and Executives can easily analyze an individual, department or company level goals with our interactive reports. This will help them achieve maximum goals.

Goals Analysis

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